Guiding Clients Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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An increasing number of people are feeling the strain of financial challenges and wondering what their options are. Though it still carries a negative stigma, bankruptcy is an option for regaining control of your finances and getting a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy is never a pleasant or easy experience. However, we do our best to make it as tolerable and efficient as possible.

Our team at The Wozniak Law Group, P.C., is highly experienced in filing bankruptcy petitions on behalf of consumers. Our focus is on filing Chapter 7 petitions, which allow for the liquidation of assets in order to pay debts and have them dismissed. We evaluate each case individually and educate our clients accordingly to determine if a Chapter 7 is right for them. Bankruptcy lawyer John M. Wozniak, Esq., has 20 years of experience that he puts to use when handling Chapter 7 cases for clients in Mendon, Milford, Worcester County and all of the surrounding areas.

Our Handling Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

We begin each potential bankruptcy case by consulting with you. We listen to you describe your situation and review any paperwork that provides information about the debts you owe. We can then assess the case and determine how Chapter 7 may benefit you.

Chapter 7 is known as the "fresh start" bankruptcy. We take the time to explain what this means, how long the bankruptcy will stay on your credit report, whether or not you will be able to keep your house and a range of other aspects of Chapter 7.

Know Your Options

Not everyone who is facing a difficult financial situation needs to file for bankruptcy. Contact our firm today to discuss Chapter 7 bankruptcy and any bankruptcy alternatives that may be available to you. Call us now at 508-422-7121 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at our office.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.